About Your Project:

We understand that most people have not been around or on camera and that they do not understand the production process.
It is actually a very simple and painless process.

  • An initial meeting is scheduled, at this time we will discuss your needs and wants, define what the end goal for your video is. It is my goal when I leave your location at this time to ensure that all questions have been answered, a plan of action is in place and a date for filming has been set.
  • During the time between our inital meeting and the film date we will create a web page for your project, this will enable viewing of your video and progress updates as it is being created.
  • Day of filming, we will spend up to 4 hours on site to acquire the necessary footage for your project.
  • Now we head to the editing room, this is where the magic happens. During this time you will be able to view progress of your video and receive updates.

Your targeted end use of the video will define how its shot, what is entailed in the shooting, how the editing is done, graphics and delivery.
That's our job!

Our Equipment:

We are always looking at acquiring the best gear to help us create . We are strong believers in constantly learning and improving, if you are interested in equipment not listed below please feel free to contact us and ask.

  • Sony HDR FX1 High Definition
  • Go Pro Hero
  • Sony Waterproof Cam
  • Complete LED Lighting System
  • Green Screen
  • Wired and Wireless Microphones
  • Teleprompter
  • Manfrotto Support System
  • Dolly System
  • Various Lenses
  • Canon T3i DSLR
  • Car/Hood Mounts
  • Rain Jackets
  • Panaroma Mounts
  • All the cool extras





Questions & Answers:

A few items to ask yourself or the potential company you may be considering to handle your project..

  • Q: The most common question is "What is this going to cost?"
    A: Video Production starts at $350, for 2 minutes of finished video. This cost can go up or down based on the clients wants and needs. We are able to work within most budgets.
  • Q: Do they understand my needs and wants, and can they define the difference in the two?
    A: We spend a considerable amount of time in speaking with each client to understand their business, and to understand them as a person, which breaks down to needs and wants.
  • Q: What cameras are used? Are they professional?
    A. We use Sony HDR FX1 High Definition Cameras. This means that they are Television Broadcast quality. They can also operate and acquire footage at very low light levels.
  • Q: What about music fees, graphics fees, and licensing fees?
    A: We charge NO licensing fees for graphics or music, clients really need to address this with their company of choice. A lot of companies charge what is called "Needle Drop" fees, or graphic development fees. Here is a secret, most music and a lot of graphics on a disc sitting on the shelf, they own the rights to them and charge you an outrageous fee. I've seen drop fees of $150 per 5 seconds.
  • Q: Will I get a release for the music and graphics?
    A: Yes, we will give you a licensing release for each piece of music and each graphic used in your project, NO extra fees.
  • Q: What about employees and friends in my video?
    A: No Problem, however since most clients do no know the laws of the video world, we will handle this for you. We will explain to each person involved in the project, their role and obtain a release from them. We take the time to explain and answer any questions they may have.
  • Q: Will any rental of equipment or gear be needed?
    A: For us we very rarely need to rent equipment. Some companies do have habits of renting equipment and that cost get passed along to you.
  • Q: What about scripts and props?
    A: No worry there, we can either write your script for you, proof or make suggestions on what you may have written. Props are never a worry or concern, just look around your office or home, everything in your visual eye line is a prop.

For Additional Questions or Concerns please feel free to contact us for more information.